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About Us

Our Mission

We believe conserving our natural resources is important, but we appreciate that changing our behavior is hard.

We have made it our commitment to leverage technology and innovation to develop easy to adopt sustainably conscious acoustic solutions derived from recycled materials that deliver high performance.

Our Strengths

We know what it takes to create great products. Our business combines entrepreneurial research and development, industrial design, engineering and a successful track record in carpet recycling services to create our line of Quiet-Tech solutions.

Engineering & Innovation

The level of engineering expertise necessary for creating a prototype is one thing, but properly engineering a product for production is quite different. Production-ready designs must be easily manufacturable, exceed a broad cross-section of certification standards. Quiet-Tech knows the difference between the two and delivers powerful solutions that withstand the test of time.

Environmentally Driven

Our founders, with degrees in chemical engineering, have over 20 years of experience in the successful development of environmentally-focused businesses and solutions. We are rooted in effective conservation, committed to creating a cradle to cradle solution that can be easily adopted, and does not require extensive behavioral change.

Business Development

Developing eco-friendly solutions is our passion, but it is impossible to succeed unless you can develop markets too. Throughout the years, we have leveraged our industry knowledge and capabilities, acting as an expert partner with our customers, including real estate developers and owners including Durst, SL Green, and more. We have helped our customers advance their sustainability goals, diverting debris including carpet and ceiling tile from landfills, that have led to the creation of new market opportunities, including our Quiet-Tech solutions.

Meet Our Team

Michael Sean Ragiel President
Arjun Singh Chauhan General Manager
Carl Trezza Vice-President